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Listening – Social Media Behavior Lessons From the Private Sector

A talk by Dean Browell at edUI 2013

About the Talk

November 5, 2013 9:30 AM

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

The social web is filled with more than just amusing cat pictures and movie reviews – it’s also filled with behaviors. For four years Feedback has peered into the global web with an ethnographic eye, collecting and analyzing behaviors for institutions, associations, agencies and big brands.

In this presentation Dean Browell will take select significant lessons from Feedback’s work and relate them to institutions of learning. We will explore: lessons of community, demonstrating how social is far more than just Facebook and Twitter; lessons of geography, looking at issues of regionalism and radically different social channel development and use; lessons of identity that shed light on the trends surrounding anonymity, privacy and more; as well as the worst practices we’ve observed from across industries and how audiences have reacted.

While it’s fun to be dazzled by the shiniest object or new app, we should pause and look at how our audiences are actually using the channels they have. Social media is a buffet of observable behaviors, archetypes and communities – it would be a shame if we didn’t listen first.

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