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User Experience/Visitor Experience: A Holistic Approach for Improving Museum Apps

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November 5, 2013 11:45 AM

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

As part of a larger museum experience, mobile app content can help “visitors” think in new ways and engage with different perspectives. However, mobile apps should also meet “user” needs for easy and intuitive interaction. This session will explore key ways for evaluating whether a museum app is meeting the needs of both users and visitors during a day at the museum.

Our focus will be practical considerations for planning and executing usability studies that can help determine the effectiveness of museum apps and pinpoint areas for improvement. The session will provide guidance for organizing a successful study, such as finding participants, pinpointing research goals in an open-learning museum environment, and creating a research plan that can capture both visitor and user needs. We’ll share best practices for facilitating test sessions, including how to observe and talk with users to understand their needs and challenges in using a mobile app. Overall, the session aims to provide practical considerations that can help a museum technology team to maximize the potential for visitor engagement, both when developing a completely new app and when considering a design upgrade for an existing app.

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