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Secrets of the UX Team of One

A talk by Leah Buley at edUI 2013

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November 5, 2013 8:30 AM

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

The user experience field has come a long way in the past decade. Harvard Business Review is heralding UX as the new black. Design-driven startups are fetching billion dollar price tags up and down Silicon Valley. It’s far less common to meet people who have never heard of UX—surely a boon to cocktail parties everywhere. The sudden popularity of UX in the broader world doesn’t necessarily translate to an easier path at home, though. This is especially true when you find yourself working as a user experience team of one.

If you’re a web or UX professional in a resource-constrained environment, you may find yourself trying to build support, working with limited resources, learning on the job, and charting your own course—all at the same time. What’s a UX team of one to do?

The answer might lie in a surprising place: enlist the help of your non-UX colleagues. Successful UX teams of one understand that just as much as their non-UX counterparts constrain what’s possible, they also shine a light on opportunities for improving user experience. They provide supplemental thinking to your own singular point of view. They help you do better work. When handled patiently and confidently, your colleagues can help help you make far more impact than you could on your own.

In this presentation, Leah Buley will take a sidelong glance at the traditional user experience process and explore how UX teams of one and other resource-constrained web and UX professionals can enlist their non-UX colleagues as unwitting allies, essential and welcome co-conspirators in creating new and better things.

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