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Using External Data in Cascade Server

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September 17, 2013 7:15 PM

Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center

Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center

This session will discuss some of the various ways you can use external data in Cascade. In the era of open data more and more information is being made available in various feeds and data files. When that data is available in an XML format it opens up lots of possibilities within Cascade Server. We will just hit the tip of the iceberg on some of the possibilities ranging from the basic consumption of an RSS feed to more complex scenarios such as class schedule information form Banner using multiple feeds at once. Examples will include UNM's use of: RSS, Rave Emergency Alert Feed, XML Schedule Feed from Banner, Weather Feed, ActiveDataX Calendar Feeds, and more if time permits.

Matt Carter of UNMKey Takeaways of this Session:

  1. Basic understanding of external data
  2. The Feed block is for more than RSS
  3. New ideas on how to use external Data

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