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October 12, 2013 9:00 AM

1275 Kinnear Road Columbus, Ohio 43212

1275 Kinnear Road Columbus, Ohio 43212

Web developers have had a mindset that in order to build web applications with ASP.NET they had to choose between either Webforms, MVC or Web Pages. To make things worse, Visual Studio (err Microsoft) has done a pretty good job at enforcing this believe. The truth is ASP.NET is actually just One and developers don't have to choose between one technology or another, but they could use all of them in a single application. With Visual Studio 2013, developers can finally see this as a reality. With updated project creation dialogs, modern front-end frameworks out-of-the-box and embracing some of the most important open source projects, developers can become more productive by using all the tools they need right from the start. In this talk we are going to explore the new capabilities in Visual Studio 2013 for One ASP.NET. We'll dive into what we can do in Visual Studio, using the built-in technologies such as Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS3 and so forth. We'll build a hybrid application using different web technologies. Finally we will see how to use third party tools to further improve the application.

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