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Walking Skeletons, Butterflies, and Islands: an agile testing journey

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August 27, 2013 7:05 AM

Madison, WI

Madison, WI

So you think you're an agile tester? So did I! As it turns out, I've experienced different varieties of "agile" development and the shifting definition of testing in those milieux. I went from a separate quality department to being involved in most of the sprint activities as a member of the software product team. Even then, as the team changed and as our situation changed, my testing responded to these changes, becoming a more collaborative experience.

We'll talk about the skills to develop to become a Rockstar Tester in the shifting world of agile software development, which takes flexibility, intellect, judgment, skill, and cooperation with the folks on your team.

And then there are the minor details of your product's context!

If that intrigues you, come hear the story of how I let go of being "the lone tester" and became the testing teacher and coach for my team. Bring your curiosity and some tough questions for me. The don't call it Open Season for nothing!

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