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A Hands-On Introduction to Exploratory Testing

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August 8, 2013 5:00 AM

Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN

Consisting of simultaneous test design, execution, reporting and learning, Exploratory Testing done well can be a powerful tool in any team member's arsenal. Done poorly, it can create confusion without adding much value. In this hands-on introduction, attendees will bring a laptop, pair with a buddy, hear a little theory, and then get to testing. We'll have some more theory, then test a second application, then a third - then conduct a retrospective to talk about how these techniques can combine to improve coverage of the application, reducing time-to-done, and allow teams to compress testing into iterations, sprints, and other timeboxes.

The theory element of the class will include quick attacks and consistency heuristics, two ways to generate test ideas when time is tight and information limited.

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