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Self-management and Self-organization: Agile Games with Motion

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February 27, 2014 6:30 AM

Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India

Self-management and self-organization are important themes in Agile software development, but what do they actually look like? We pontificate about worker empowerment, but then we revert to command-and-control: our product owners mandate project scope and deadlines, and our Scrum Masters assign tasks to team members. Why can’t we let teams be self-organized and workers be self-managed?

These activity-based learning activities are kinesthetic learning games. Players learn by playing fun, physical games of movement. These games create a social atmosphere and a full body and mind experience that make it easy and fun to learn. We’ll play five games, including Line Up, 60 Paces, Triangles, Human Knot, and a special surprise game.

In this session, we explore and experience self-management and self-organization via Agile games. You will leave with a deep internalized understanding of self-management and self-organization and an appreciation of how they work better than command-and-control. You’ll be able to share these games with your coworkers.

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