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Master (mind)ing the Process

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November 6, 2013 4:30 AM

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

...and reinforcing the value of design.

No web project ever failed due to a lack of good ideas or creative talent. They live and die by process! And no matter what role you play in that process, understanding how it works both in detail and at a high level is critical. In this session, Chris Butler will walk you through the web design and development process step by step and teach you how to manage that flow for yourself. No matter how many times you've worked on web projects, rethinking the steps you take is always valuable. This session has been designed to adjust the thinking of newbies and veterans alike.

You will learn:

•The proper order of how things are done •Who does what •Proactive strategies for dealing with the unexpected •How to sell the process to your boss or future client •and how it's all still about design!

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