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adopting agile : a journey to agility

A talk by at Agile Kerala 2013

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November 30, 2013 6:15 AM



Agile adoption is not about bringing in a new process; instead it is more about defining or rather redefining the organizational culture. This is one of the biggest challenges that any organization will encounter while it is embracing their agile journey.

There are many inherent problems with most organizations which need to be tackled during agile adoption. The main reason for high failure rate is because; change-agents talk of adopting agile and not about transforming the organizational culture to support its agile journey. The sad consequence is mainly due to the fact that change-agents undertaking organizational transformation do not have a proper buy-in or understanding of organizational consequences. We have defined a framework to address this. This framework focuses on individuals, helping team transformation impacting its organizational culture.

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