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SQL Server best practices for developers

A talk by Davide Mauri at DevWeek 2010

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March 16, 2010 7:30 AM



As a developer you’ll surely need to create a database table or write a SQL query for your application. Even if you’re using an ORM tool like the Entity Framework or NHibernate, knowing how to write good SQL code can help you to understand if queries generated by them will perform well, guarantying that you application will perform well in any situation. In this session I’ll show you the best practices that every developer should know, from creating tables to writing query that run faster. I’ve been a developer for many years and I still enjoy writing good .NET OO code, and I’ve learned that a good application needs a good database and good queries to be really successful. Come to this session to learn all the tricks that will help you to avoid performance problems right from the beginning, avoiding common mistakes and performance killer errors.

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