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Access any data on the web using YQL (Workshop)

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April 16, 2010 9:00 AM

Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA

Yahoo Query Language (YQL) is a powerful SQL-like language that allows you to query data from web pages and web services. It currently serves hundreds of millions of queries a month. YQL uses JavaScript to make easy to write "tables" that allow you to extend YQL to use any web service or data. During this 3 hour workshop we'll use YQL to do some exciting application work:
* Accessing various web APIs using YQL * Making complex queries to multiple web services using YQL * Displaying information on a site including using maps * Sharing information back to social networks to encourage participation This session is aimed at intermediate and above developers. Please bring a laptop because it's going to be all hands-on. SQL knowledge is a bonus, but by no means essential. Familiarity with HTML, and JavaScript is required.

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