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[Webinar] Leading a 4-Step Strategic Change

A talk by Naveed Khawaja

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January 19, 2014 8:00 AM

Webinar, Medina KSA (

Webinar, Medina KSA (

Why do more than 70% of the change initiatives fail? What is the missing secret ingredient in bringing about a lasting change? How do you enable a sustainable and continuously improving culture?

The best model for strategic change management has finally been discovered.

In addition to exploring various models for change management from the gurus of our time, the speaker will disclose the novel and ultimate 4-step model with the audience.

You will learn the following aspects of bringing about a lasting change in your organization:

Leading Change with Kotter's 8 step model A sense of urgency with a view on cost of delay What does the Holy Quran say about bringing change The ultimate 4 Step model for change In this talk - we will explore some critical challenges with team behaviour, organizational culture and human nature.

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