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[Webinar] Creating High Performing Leaner Agile Teams

A talk by Naveed Khawaja

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September 27, 2013 7:00 AM

Agile Cambridge 2012 - Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

Agile Cambridge 2012 - Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

Thought provoking ideas on how to improve your team's Agile model. We demonstrated some of the various Agile methods we have used to help teams mature from being just another Agile team to becoming a high performing Agile (and Lean) team.

This session covered many different aspects of how we can improve the processes and practices of our teams. We touched on business relationships, interactions, communication, collaboration, team empowerment, ceremony improvements, test automation, continuous integration, continuous delivery, automated acceptance, BDD, Kanban (focus on Class of service in a defect environment) and numerous other techniques with real world examples of our own journeys.

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