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Modeling Workflow in Ruby on Rails with StonePath

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April 9, 2010 6:55 AM

Reston, VA

Reston, VA

"Workflow" is a generic concept that can mean different things to different people - a book author is going to think of workflow a lot differently than a photographer processing images. Whether you are implementing a simple shopping cart or building a complex system to track the review of legal documents, there are abstract concepts of states, transitions, actions, actors, assignments, tasking, concurrency, sequences, and dependencies we can use.

Based on his experience in Federal and Local Governments as well as legal compliance applications for the enterprise, David has created the StonePath Project, a Ruby gem that allows you to model state-and-task-based workflow. In this talk, David will talk about this modeling methodology, the code to implement it, and how it has been used successfully in applications for the U.S. State Department, The Washington D.C. School System, and several Fortune 500 companies. You will leave this talk about to use the StonePath gem for your own workflow modeling needs.

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