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[Webinar] Do you need stability or innovation? I want both…

A talk by Naveed Khawaja

About the Talk

November 24, 2013 6:00 AM

Webinar, Medina KSA (

Webinar, Medina KSA (

There is a growing misconception amongst the leadership, towards the need for consistency across teams. Cargo cult consistency has been a recurring challenge with the evolution and scaling of agile environment.

The moment we endeavour this worship for invariability – we lose sight of true agile and lean principles. With the recent transformation of three teams within the same vertical – it was quite a challenge to maintain loose variability while keeping the top management satisfied.

In this session – the speaker will share the approach that worked in collaborating across teams with stability and innovation.

What you learn:

Benefits of consistency and variability in methodologies How higher consistency leads to lower innovation amongst teams How we can improve innovation by introducing loose variability Importance of understanding principles behind the practices.

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