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[Webinar] How to fix the gap in Succession Planning

A talk by Naveed Khawaja

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April 16, 2013 9:00 AM

Webinar, Medina KSA (

Webinar, Medina KSA (

Businesses face unprecedented challenges in today’s global economic uncertainty.

“Innovation is not a luxury anymore – it is a survival tactic.”

Is collaborative innovation a survival tactic for succession planning? Whowould have thought five years ago that Apple and Samsung will be in duopoly? What is the right balance between fire-fighting and accelerating time to market?

Without our ability to manage risk and the ability to steer the business direction with agility – the very existence of our organization is in jeopardy. In this talk – we will explore case studies and principles of the upcoming methodology that will radically change the way we do business. It is a culture change from traditional practices to the new continuous innovation and disciplined execution.

We will explore cutting edge methods for business and technology teams with a focus on the following three aspects:

Leadership Succession Planning Reducing Risk Managing uncertainty

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