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Rock Your Code With Visual Studio Add-ins

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February 20, 2014 8:00 AM

Smokin Tuna, 4 Charles Street, Key West, FL 33040

Smokin Tuna, 4 Charles Street, Key West, FL 33040

This session will focus on my must have Visual Studio add-ins and other tools that makes programming faster and easier (and makes you look like a rock star programmer). All the tools that are either free or very affordable. Tool categories include add-ins for debugging and profiling and more. These tools are designed to impress your boss and get you home at a reasonable time. This session is packed full of demonstrations! Sit close and you just might catch a custom dotNetDave guitar pick or Rock The Nation postcard. Some of some of them will win you free software!

A few of the demos from this session are already online: –

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