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High Performance jQuery

A talk by Robert Duffy

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April 24, 2010 8:00 AM

jQuery is fast out of the gates but like a race car you can drive it slowly. This talk will illustrate some of the common and not so common performance mistakes so you can spot them before your applications grind to a halt.

Leaving performance tuning to the last minute can build up technical debt that is hard to repay. Often each badly performing statement in itself is not enough to slow your pages down drastically so you need to keep a keen eye out for performance sapping statements. In this talk Robert Duffy from Amazon Services will demonstrate the slower statements and show you how to optimize them. He will take each case apart to find out why it is bad for you and show you what you can do to optimize it.

This practical presentation features some exciting demonstrations and is a must see for developers looking to performance tune their jQuery implementation.

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