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Object Oriented jQuery with MooTools

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April 24, 2010 11:45 AM

There's a lot of talk about MooTools v. jQuery. In many ways, it makes sense to compare the libraries and pick one for your next project. However, jQuery is focused on the DOM whereas MooTools is a modular framework with a focus on JavaScript generally.

The two can actually work together to give you everything you love about jQuery plus some things you didn't know you can't live without from MooTools--namely a powerful inheritance model for writing clean, reusable plugins

MooTools is a modular framework, so you don't need to use everything the framework has to offer. The functionality in a few of its modules can generally be found in jQuery. So what happens if you use only the inheritance model from MooTools and plug in jQuery for everything else? You get something pretty cool, and a potential springboard for the future of JavaScript development.

Yep, we're talking about jQuery as a plugin for MooTools. Or inversely and maybe more appropriate, MooTools object-oriented programming for jQuery.

In this session we'll jump head first into how MooTools Classes work in the context of jQuery and how you can automatically extend the jQuery object with a class so it feels just like any other jQuery plugin. As a bonus, we'll talk about all the handy native extensions that come along for the ride from MooTools.

Rather than goofing around with Bears or Ninjas, we'll actually be working with production ready JavaScript effects (sprite animations and slideshow classes.)

We'll cover the following topics:

jQuery plugin authoring MooTools Class authoring Class inheritance (Extends and Implements) Class Mutators Custom class events Native extensions

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