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Personal Branding for Career Practitioners & Counsellors

A talk by Paul Copcutt

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April 22, 2010 1:30 PM

SISO's New Dawn Centre, 21 Rosedale Avenue, Hamilton, ON.

SISO's New Dawn Centre, 21 Rosedale Avenue, Hamilton, ON.

Do your clients exist on Google and why should they care?

Because the web is fast becoming THE place where employers check you out – often before they will even meet with you. So if you have that questionable profile on Facebook or posted a witty but offensive comment on a blog – how do you deal with that digital dirt and what else can you be doing to raise a more positive virtual picture of yourself?

The world of work is changing as fast as the technology driving it and to keep up you now have to develop a whole new approach to managing your career and finding jobs.

Personal branding allows us to differentiate ourselves by authentically aligning more with who we are with what we do, working on projects and seeking out opportunities that feel right because the objectives and goals are more in line with the direction we want to go.

In this informative session participants will learn the importance of personal branding and having a good Google score.

Why session is relevant - job seekers need to be able to stand out and differentiate themselves from others - the traditional way to find a job has changed they need to be more tactical with their approach - time is always a factor so it is best to be working on or seeking opportunities that are aligned with a chosen direction

Participants will leave with; - How to measure a Google ranking – your GQ score. - How to network online and where - Three concrete action steps for you to build your on line brand – immediately. - Understand the five things you should never do on line.

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