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Turn Weaknesses Into Your Strengths During Job Interviews

A talk by bertafagerli

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April 10, 2014 3:00 AM

netherlands, amsterdam

netherlands, amsterdam

During almost every job interview, the interviewer will at one point ask someone trying to find a job what their biggest weaknesses are. While it can seem like a harrowing question, there's more to gain by taking responsibility and answering the question honestly than trying to avoid it, and working to own the situation can have long-term benefits.

The first thing to consider when faced with this question is that it isn't necessarily a bad thing, according to US News and World Report. Does the interviewer want you to reveal your darkest secrets, or are they simply trying to determine what you specialize in best, looking to see how well you know yourself? In many situations, interviewers aren't quite looking for strengths disguised as weaknesses, but instead an honest recollection and reflection into your own work ability.

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