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A Futurist's Guide to Anticipating and Leading Change

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February 10, 2010 7:00 AM

Aloft Hotel, Dallas, TX

Aloft Hotel, Dallas, TX

In her presentation, "PUSH: A Futurist's Guide to Anticipating and Leading Change," Cecily Sommers helps people make sense of a world gone flat, fast, and fickle. With tremendous clarity, Sommers shows how the social, economic, and environmental crises of our time spring from just four constant and predictable forces. Understand how they work together to drive change, she says, and you can stake out a territory that is yours to invent and own — for the long-term.

"PUSH: A Futurist's Guide to Anticipating and Leading Change" outlines what you need to be your own futurist. It is a media-rich presentation that takes the audience on a guided tour of the future, wrapped around four main ideas:

  1. How the brain, business, and government are wired for the "Permanent Present" and resist change
  2. Four constant and predictable forces shaping the future
  3. Three dramatic disruptions on the horizon that should be a part of every strategic conversation
  4. How to manage an innovation portfolio that plans on the far and future, while delivering on the near and now

Offering new tools and models for a new world, this presentation is a perfect fit for discussions on strategy and innovation in any discipline. Tailored for the interests and objectives of each group, "PUSH: A Futurist's Guide to Anticipating and Leading Change" is a refreshingly provocative and practical view of the future for a wide range of audiences.

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