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DB Time-based Oracle Performance Tuning: Theory and Practice

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April 16, 2010 7:30 AM

Billund, Denmark

Billund, Denmark

Oracle 10g formally introduced the fundamental concept of DB Time as part of the Server Manageability effort. This concept underlies or is significantly used by many of the manageability technologies of the Diagnostic and Tuning packs in both 10g and 11g, including ADDM, SQL Tuning Advisor, Access Advisor, and Enterprise Manager. Less prominently but no less importantly the concept of DB Time is intended to be the new lingua franca for Oracle performance tuning. This session will introduce the abstract theory of DB Time and its time-normalized sibling Average Active Sessions. The process of performance tuning using DB Time will be discussed and compared with other current methodologies including those based on wait-events and SQL trace.

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