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Deep Dive on Integration Services

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May 22, 2010 3:00 PM

University of Portland, Oregon

University of Portland, Oregon

SQL Server Integration Services is Microsoft’s Extract Transform Load/Data Integration (ETL/DI) tool, replacing DTS. SSIS is a very powerful and complex tool that can read data in from virtually any source, transform and mash that data however you like, then send it out to virtually any type of destination. Understand how SSIS can be used to do just that – from the basics. Find out how to get started using SSIS, hear what it’s really good at, and figure out what things you need a hacker’s spirit to accomplish with it. This session is demo heavy; Tasks, expressions, precedence constraints, text files, Excel, SQL, data type conversions, performance, scripts, configurations, scheduling, and more will be covered with examples.

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