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Seamless Software

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May 30, 2014 1:00 PM

Detroit, MI

Detroit, MI

Software can quickly become complicated; to help make sense of the complexity, we divide software into manageable pieces. These pieces, however, don’t always fit together perfectly. Eventually, the seams in your software are going to show.

In this talk, by looking at examples of software, we’ll talk about what “seams” are, the different kinds of seams that exist, and how they can impact your user experience. We’ll look at examples of software that do an exemplary job of hiding seams.

Though this may sound like a talk about design—and it is—seams can just as easily arise from failures in project management and poor engineering decisions. Therefore, we’ll discuss how everyone on your team—software engineering, project management, design—can contribute towards making your software as seamless as possible.

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