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September 17, 2011 1:00 PM

Karaj - Iran

Karaj - Iran

Karaj Linux User Group and Cultural division of the municipality of Karaj have celebrated the Software Freedom Day 2011, in order for people to know more about free software. The celebration was held on 17th September 2011 at Nejad Fallah Martyrs' Great Hall of Karaj. One great importance was the talks presented at the event. At first Ahmad Khan Beigi ( yottanami ) talked about Free software culture. Free software and national development was the second presentation that Mostafa Moradian has chosen to give talk about. He talked about freedom in relation with computer software and issues concerning joining of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the WTO and its opportunities and threats. At the end of the talk, he mentioned his new book called "GNU/Linux Book featuring Debian GNU/Linux operating system". It is 206 pages and is a pocket book that has been given to everyone as a gift at the end of the event. The editor of his book is Zahra Mirzayee and KarajLUG members has helped him a lot in preparing his book. The book is in Persian laguage and the electronic version of it is available at Afterwards, Mohammad Hassanzadeh gave a talk about GNU/Linux migration. He talked about goals and types of migration and he also named a few alternative software that can help ease the work in GNU/Linux operating systems. After a short break and refreshment, while the screen was showing the Big Buck Bunny video that was made with Blender 3D software, Sameer Rahmani and Shervin Ara together gave a talk about the reasons why we should use GNU/Linux and free software. At first they had a theater-like and funny dialog between Bill Gates of the Microsoft Corporation and Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation. Thereafter they talked about their reasons. The last talk was about the java programming language which was given by Safa Kaveh and Iman Reihanian. At their talk, they talked about java and its features. At the end of the event, gift packages has been given to the audience which contained a copy of the "GNU/Linux Book" including the first binary disc of Debian GNU/Linux operating system version and a disc of the ubuntu operating system version 11.04.

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