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Pushing data to Silverlight

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May 22, 2010 11:15 AM

Portland, OR

Portland, OR

There are situations where it makes sense to have the server initiate a data transfer to the client instead of the usual client request. In the case of Silverlight, we can take advantage of a modality of WCF called Duplex communications. Nonetheless, it does not come free in terms of performance and scalability. Another alternative is the use of plain old network sockets, especially now that the port range restrictions have been lifted from Silverlight 4. Yet, once again, there are some trade-offs in terms of security. This is a hands-on session walking through the process of building a WCF Polling Duplex application, touring through the different options and presenting some gotchas and their solutions. We will also discuss some of the practical strengths and faults of this architecture. This session would be especially useful to those trying to put together the different concepts in WCF, wondering how to get started with Silverlight and WCF, or trying to wrap their heads around the asynchronous model of programming used in Silverlight.

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