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Rapid Prototyping with JavaScript

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June 5, 2010 7:10 AM

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

The area of research and development in software, web, and user interface engineering is making quite a statement in many large- and small-scale organizations. With vast amounts of data and web service APIs available to developers, coupled with a huge demand for multiple systems integrating seamlessly across several platforms and devices, it’s no surprise that companies are creating “Labs” departments left and right to create the “next big thing.”

In order to cultivate innovative products and services, designers and developers need to research, ideate, and collaborate to develop creative approaches to current products or services, or even fill voids for users for products or services that have not been created. Developers need to quickly build out prototypes of these ideas in order to not only implement the ideas and prove the value of the concept, but to also provide new products and/or services for the business itself (and keep the R&D department alive!).

Rapid prototyping is exactly as it sounds: creating a prototype of a concept or an idea in a very short amount of time. For years, such rapid prototyping was heavily dominated by the Flash and Actionscript world. Now, with the speed and power of JavaScript interpreters and the language’s ubiquity across arguably the most-used piece of software known to man (the web browser), JavaScript, in harmony with HTML and CSS, is quickly becoming a go-to resource for hashing out proofs of concept.

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