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Fostering Digital Craftsmanship

A talk by Zachary Smith at HIVE 2014

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June 20, 2014 6:10 AM

Town Hall Seattle

Town Hall Seattle

We know intuitively whether something “sucks” or not, but how can we really define what a quality product is in the digital realm? Whether it’s writing code that’s maintainable, modular, and reusable, or designing for both high usability and delight, as product builders we now have to concern ourselves with areas beyond our particular discipline. How can we stretch ourselves—and our teams—to bring the same level of polish as our heroes in the physical product realm? How can you instill this mindset throughout your organization? How do you balance creativity and innovation with reality and pragmatism? This talk will discuss how we can define what quality is and introduce a cross-disciplinary framework that can guide you and your teams to excellence in your work.

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