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Breaking the Law: Lessons from the Underworld on Design and Innovation

A talk by Devin Liddell at HIVE 2014

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June 20, 2014 6:50 AM

Town Hall Seattle

Town Hall Seattle

Criminals are the consummate rule breakers. While their activities are, by definition, unacceptable to society, they can also be undeniably creative and inventive. From smugglers and counterfeiters to grifters and hackers, criminals are often at the vanguard of technical excellence and innovation. And this innovation is continuous. Thus, many criminal subcultures possess powerful brands and their ongoing success reflects adaptive ”design thinking.”

As designers, strategists, and technologists, we are also challenged to continuously innovate in highly competitive marketplaces. So, as fellow innovators, what lessons can we learn from the underworld? What mindsets and methodologies can we borrow and apply to our own challenges?

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