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How I Learned to Code by Making 180 Websites in 180 Days

A talk by Jennifer Dewalt at HIVE 2014

About the Talk

June 21, 2014 10:00 AM

Town Hall Seattle

Town Hall Seattle

I taught myself how to code by making 180 websites in 180 days. I'm going to talk about what this experience was like—what inspired them, themes of exploration and the challenges I faced.

The websites vary in complexity and technology, topics will include html, css, javascript, rails, node,, nginx.

I'll also talk about my thoughts on how self-directed learning can lead to rapid development and why I picked the three rules of the 180 project: 1. Make one website a day, every day, for 180 days 2. Write a blog post every day to accompany the site 3. Publish all of the code publicly on GitHub

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