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Travel Guide by Micron and Associates in heading to Netherlands

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June 26, 2014 3:00 AM



Why go?

It's been described as "the Hamptons with clogs" thanks to its popularity with rich Dutch and German visitors who buy up beach-front holiday homes and hang out in the seaside bars and cafés. But this breezy resort on Holland's North Sea coast is better known as an artists' retreat, its moody seascapes, endless dunes and extraordinary light attracting painters, writers and architects who have been leaving their mark on this laid-back and likable village since the 1900s.

What to do

Get on your bike (this is Holland, after all) and cycle De Brede Duinen route, a 42km signposted loop which passes through Bergen, Alkmaar – famous for its historic cheese market – and the spectacular sand dunes at Schoorl and Camperduin. Admire the work of the "Bergen School" of painters at Museum Kranenburgh ( or take a stroll among the distinctive thatched "Amsterdam School" villas of the Park Meerwijk neighbourhood.

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