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The benefits of buying off-lease equipment

A talk by Emmanuil Kozlov

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July 24, 2014 10:00 PM

Off-lease equipment is unlike than used equipment, just like a certified formerly owned car is dissimilar than a used car, says AXIS Capital, Inc. a group of companies headquartered in Grand Island, NE. When getting off-lease equipment, just like a car, the situation of the equipment is reverted in a definite condition that was drew in an agreement when the original piece was leased. A leased car, since of the contract, will go back to the dealer with simply so many miles, no harm to the outside, and more. Just like a car, the state is better than it would be if the equipment were purchased used for the reason that the leasing contract. Leased equipment is similar in that they are guaranteed to be given back in working condition with no malfunctions inside the equipment or destruction on the outside.

The profits of buying off-lease equipment are tempting to a customer for its numerous whys and wherefores. To begin with, the condensed acquisition cost is the most evident – purchasing refurbished will save you 50% as compared to buying brand new; refurbished off-lease equipment are in just as worthy of a condition as if you were purchasing a new one. Furthermore, when purchasing off-lease equipment in U.S or in any Southeast Asian countries such as KL Malaysia, Jakarta Indonesia, Bangkok Thailand and many more, you can get it completely customizable with modern technologies upon resale. Then, the low cost of ownership is a significant feature to remember when purchasing refurbished heavy equipment.

Off-lease equipment has a definite lengthier lifetime when they go by a company that has a warranty plan that surpasses the general anticipations of used equipment. Warning! When purchasing used equipment, what repairs have been made, or if it will even last as long as the seller advertises, you are shopping at your own risk; you don’t know what the equipment has gone through warranty gives the equipment a longer useful life, assuring no repair costs. Off-lease equipment is likewise a healthier way to buy as the products are still skilled of beyond most user requirements.

For all these explanations and more, you are able to save money when buying refurbished, off-lease equipment. These equipment works just like new and are able to get the job done with the updated technology that modern equipment has. Just like when you buy new equipment, there are on-site customer service representatives ready to assist you and all your needs in AXIS Capital, Inc. a group of companies headquartered in Grand Island, NE. Don’t suppose to spend any money on any repairs that need to be done, either, when you have a warranty that covers you for three years, just like one you would get when buying new equipment.

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