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SSIS Design Patterns

A talk by Andy Leonard

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June 10, 2010 2:30 PM

New England SQL Server Users Group

New England SQL Server Users Group

"Design Patterns" is more than a trendy buzz phrase; design patterns are a way of breaking down complex development projects into manageable tasks. They lend themselves to several development methodologies and apply to SSIS development. Chances are you're using your own design patterns now! In this spotlight session, Andy Leonard defines design patterns applicable to SSIS, and then demonstrates their use to develop SSIS solutions. The session is designed for those with little or no exposure to design patterns or application development methodologies; but with good experience in SSIS. The goal is to introduce the science, terminology, and philosophy of design patterns to those wishing to learn more; then demonstrate how to leverage the principles just described by applying them to every day SSIS development. Demonstrations will also include migration through the application lifecycle, deployment, and maintenance.

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