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Crush It!! – Extending the Reach of Your Personal Brand

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April 23, 2010 10:00 AM

New York City

New York City

Gary spent a minimal amount of time discussing his background with Ellis Henican and chose to focus on talking about what was important to him: learning, family, passion and hustle. Ellis asked him how he manages to remain truthful, passionate and a good person despite the media circus that has descended around him. Gary’s take is straightforward: the easiest way to not be a jerk is to simply not be a jerk. He is clear that for him it is not about making more money (except enough to buy the NY Jets) or having more followers. It is about passion, and working your butt off to achieve your goals. He talked about the future and where he sees opportunity and growth as an entrepreneur.

Key Points

  • Anyone that says they have a 5-year plan is an idiot
  • Businesses today have no option other than to react to the pulse of their customers NOW, as in this second. Twitter and social media have created a massive need for real-time data to drive interactions between businesses and customers
  • User experience/user interface designers are the most important team members at a startup
  • Learn from your mistakes. Dissect them until you understand everything and then go do it the right way
  • Never stop learning!

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