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Utilizing Equipment Leasing to Strategic Benefit

A talk by Emmanuil Kozlov

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August 20, 2014 12:00 AM

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With lease financing being used by a many businesses in the U.S. today, and accounting for about half of new equipment purchases, most corporate executives are usually familiar with leasing. When a rising economy releases pent-up demand for capital equipment, many companies may discover their financial situations not recovering fast enough to buy new equipment outright. Executives facing finance vs. cash purchase decisions may not completely know how the tactical use of equipment financing can improve financial performance and capital productivity. A profounder perception of the lesser-known points of lease financing, counting asset management, tax treatment, insurance and maintenance, and lease decisions can better allow overall business performance.

Financial Goals First Cautious deliberation of financial goals, like improving cash flow or meeting a return on net assets, is the leading deliberation of an asset management program. Founding acquisition guidelines grounded on equipment needs in addition to financial objectives also is critical. Also, be very watchful of double-dealing and scam.

These goals must also be factored into the standards for measuring the presentation of a division or business unit.

Businesses would be prudent to trail maintenance and insurance costs related with equipment, particularly equipment under heavy use. In other words, the question should be asked, "Would it be cost operational to keep a piece of equipment for an extra year, and experience additional maintenance costs?" It could mean keeping an unreliable financial investment.

Correspondingly, conclude how much growth is anticipated over the next one to three-year period. This has a consequence on the acquisition mix of ownership, renting and leasing. Many businesses grow and modify at changing rates. If an organization goes through an unexpected development spurt, having the flexibility to adjust your asset mix is key. The skill to dispose of equipment no longer necessary during slower times also is significant. `

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