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Who's living inside of me?

A talk by Ananda Leeke at Ignite DC #4

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June 16, 2010 3:05 PM

Town Danceboutique, Washington, DC

Town Danceboutique, Washington, DC

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung introduced the term archetype. It refers to the various personalities that live inside of individuals. Archetypes are windows of self-discovery. They invite people to explore, embrace, and accept themselves. They can bring you closer to yourself in ways that allow all of your personalities to serve your highest and greatest good. That’s why we have to take the time to identify, nurture, and welcome them into our lives. Make them feel comfortable. Treat them as team players who use their strengths and share their gifts with one goal in mind: healthy living. Promise to listen to what they have to say. Don’t pick favorites or judge their commentary, creativity, communication style, criticism, and concerns. Honor their presence with gratitude. Accept and bless who they are because without them you would be lost. Ananda Leeke’s presentation “Who’s living inside of me?” will introduce her eight archetypes and how they have helped her better understand her own journey and trigger a greater sense of meaning and fulfillment in her life. Her slide presentation will include photos of each archetype.

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