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DC Through a Woman's Eyes

A talk by Lynette Long at Ignite DC #4

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June 16, 2010 3:55 PM

Town Danceboutique, Washington, DC

Town Danceboutique, Washington, DC

Washington DC is a city full of national symbols and symbolism, but the vast majority of these symbols are male. Of the one hundred statues in National Statuary Hall, only nine honor women. There are over 100 statues on our city's streets, but only a handful honor women and only one memorial acknowledges the achievements of women. There are no women on our nation's paper currency and few women on our stamps. It's almost impossible to think of a street in Washington named after a woman. What impact does this biased view of American history and this subtle but insidious form of sexism have on half the population? Take a tour of our nation's capitol through the eyes of a woman.

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