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How to integrate the UX designers smoothly into your Agile team

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September 4, 2014 11:15 AM

Cornwall, UK

Cornwall, UK

Get to understand UX practitioners, how to bring the right one into your team and how to integrate them. A session for team leaders and product owners that will highlight key strategies for creating a solid team owning the process from design through to build, including cross-functional teams

As agile is expanding into the design and strategy cycles, UXers are becoming valuable team-mates and process partners. However many teams struggle at integrating them smoothly, and to everyone’s benefit.

To help teams understand better how to work with ux practitioners, and how they can transition to a process where design is fully included in the agile loops, I will present what ux is composed of, how to identify the right practitioner for the job on hand, how to benefit the most from having ux on board and will conclude with practical examples of ensuring ux is not a silo, and that the team develops true cross-functional capabilities and skills.

This talk designed primarily for team leaders and product owners, and also addresses the concerns of team members. It’s been created from hearing too often “I get ux, I want to listen to the users and build the right product, but I don’t know how to get ux to work with my team”.

You will walk out of this session with a clearer understanding of what ux is really about, what practitioners to bring in to your team, how to work with them and some practical tips for including the user’s voice into team decisions.

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