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Crafting Delightful Broken Experiences

A talk by Matthew Edgar at edUi 2014

About the Talk

September 30, 2014 11:15 AM

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

When your website works, users are satisfied and often return for more. But what happens when the technology powering your website fails? Websites can slow to a crawl, applications can return random errors, your server can crash, etc. Any technical failure can easily break the experience you’ve worked so hard to craft. Broken experiences that poorly handle those technical failures will frustrate your users, causing them to leave your website.

Unfortunately, technology will inevitably break, especially on large and complex websites. Try as we might, we will never engineer away every possible error. What is a web professional to do?

The answer is to create broken experiences that delight users, keeping them on our website even when things go wrong. In my talk, I’ll review the techniques and tools that are the most helpful (and the least helpful) in crafting good broken experiences. I will share specific examples for common errors and provide steps attendees can use right away.

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