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Quo pertentas, OSS? - How Open Source can benefit from well-crafted Tests

A talk by Björn Kimminich

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April 29, 2014 3:00 PM

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

This talk illustrates how a suite of well-written tests can benefit any Open Source project on multiple levels*: * improve maintainability of the code-base * help increase the truck factor** of the project * "after-the-fact" tests help understand existing code and serve as documentation * Behavior Driven Development (BDD) concepts can help create specification-like tests

The idea of adding BDD-style unit tests was introduced into the actively developed OWASP ZAP project end of 2012. It will be explained * how the ZAP team approached this task initially * what the improvements for the project were so far * where we are going with automated testing in the future

Disclaimer: Some source code will definetely be shown during this talk, but you won't need to be a Java expert to follow the story! Having some general programming experience is totally sufficient!

*= surprisingly also works for proprietary software projects! **= number of contributors that could be (fatally) run over by a truck without effectively killing the project

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