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As a DBA, Where Do I Start?

A talk by mikewalsh

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July 13, 2010 2:15 PM

Great Bay Community College on Pease

Great Bay Community College on Pease

Help! I’m a new DBA, Where Do I Start?! You've always wanted to get into the DBA position. The good news is you got it - the bad news is you have no idea what to do first. What's important, what's not a big deal, and what can get you fired if you're not careful? If your answer wasn’t, “update my resume”, then this session is a good start. We’ll chat about a natural priority for the overwhelming flood waiting in our offices. By focusing on a few words ending in “ity” we’ll realize what is most important. Through the interaction, examples and demos you’ll leave feeling ready to attack your environment. Be warned – along the way to knowing where to start, you may get that feeling in your stomach that makes you logon to the VPN to check a few things out.

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