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A talk by Emmanuil Kozlov

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October 9, 2014 11:25 PM

AXIS Capital, Inc. is a Direct Lender providing quality equipment leasing/financing services along with superior customer service, headquartered in Grand Island, Nebraska; AXIS has grown to become an industry leader serving equipment vendor nationwide (i.e. SE Asian countries such as KL Malaysia, Bangkok Thailand, Jakarta Indonesia and many more) presents these 3 things to focus on how to increase your chances.

Have reliable information – Many businesses will inquire for a financing approval and source one business name on the loan application, a distinctive will materialize on their bank statements and then hitherto one more company name on their tax returns, financial statements or business license. When you converse with a lender regarding borrowing money ensure you have your ducks in a row. Almost certainly, all of those businesses are similar so get with your CPA or attorney to simplify your operation. It may be as easy as bringing your information up-to-date with the state or altering the name on your current bank account.

Warming! Identify what you’re applying for – A company representative or owner must be able to prepare a complete, well thought-out validation for their equipment loan or working capital loan application. Amid other things, most every loan officer should compose a “transaction summary” to their credit officer for review. Therefore as a business owner, be prepared with a convincing reason that evidently and sensibly shows how you’ll repay the loan and what measures you’ve taken to lessen the lender’s risk. Banks wish to have an outstanding collateral position, a brief loan term, or timely payment history on past similar loan amounts. They will be keen on it even more when a possible borrower knows these things and takes the time and care to clarify it to them.

Give importance to any negatives upfront to avoid future complaints– Likelihoods are that if you’re able enough to balance the several things it takes to manage a business, you have the skill to recognize possible credit difficulties. If you’ve neglected a small payment in the past, bounced a business check or paid a net 30 term supplier sluggishly, address them with your loan agent fast and deliver a decent reason so he or she is knowledgeable of it and can down play it when offering to the credit committee for approval. If you’ve had a major restructuring or critical default, ask the loan representative regarding the possibilities for approval or what you can prepare to become approvable once more so you don’t waste your valued time or the lender’s.

Remember these points so you can offer a distinct picture of your company (you can never be accused of fraud) and guarantee more business loan approvals and equipment financing approvals.

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