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Get Started with Azure Tonight

A talk by vishalishere

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October 12, 2014 9:00 AM

Foothill college, San Jose, CA (silicon valley code camp)

Foothill college, San Jose, CA (silicon valley code camp)

Microsoft is committed to Azure, and so are many growing number of users. There are so many featues getting added to Azure every day that its becomming challenging to keep up with new features and take full advantage of offering. In this session we will walk you through Steps to get started. Creating a new team project and setup version control, Process template etc. Create a new website with SQL Server backend. Open the website in Visual Studio from the new Azure portal Set up continuous deployment / integration Modifying and commit the project to Azure Browse the deployed code. Brief preview of Windows App Studio and create a mobile app for your website. All of this so you can get started with Azure tonight

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