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The Future of UX: Incorporating Biometric Research into UX Evaluation

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October 17, 2014 12:30 PM

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Truly understanding the feelings of our users has always been a dream of user experience designers and researchers. Are they enjoying the experience? Are they frustrated? Are they truly interested and engaged? The broader definition of user experience has grown to extend beyond basic usability. Understanding how a user truly feels in reaction to an experience can help us to optimize very specific aspects of the design to exude certain emotional states.

Current methods for understanding a user’s emotional response are at best limited, and at worst entirely inaccurate. As the field of user experience evolves, we need to explore new methods for measuring emotional response using technologies borrowed and refined from neuroscience and human biology.

Andrew Schall, Vice President of UX at SPARK Experience, will introduce and elaborate on the latest technologies for measuring emotional experience. Andrew will walk through a series of use cases on how the technology can be used to understand how our users are feeling. The keynote will conclude with a live demo on stage of some of the latest biometric and neurometric devices accessible to the UX community.

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