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Igniting User-Centered Design Thinking within an Organization: Challenges and Lessons Learned

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October 17, 2014 1:30 PM

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

As user experience professionals and enthusiasts, most of us clearly remember the first time we looked at a website through the eyes of a customer. It can be both enlightening and horrifying to watch someone struggle to accomplish a critical task, and finally declare they’d give up in frustration. This is the defining moment when some organizations decide it’s time to embrace user-centered design (UCD) and build a culture that will nourish and sustain it.

But what are the best ways to go about institutionalizing UCD? Organizations with the best of intentions wrestle with this, and many go back to their old ways because they fail to put a process in place that will lead to cultural change. However, other organizations successfully embed a culture of usability into their institutional fiber. What is the “special sauce” that allows UCD to thrive in some organizations, but prevents it from gaining a foothold in others?

In this talk, we’ll examine the thorny problem of how to institutionalize UCD based on some lessons I learned during my time as a “usability evangelist” at the Department of Energy (DOE). We’ll look at:

Some of the successes we had at DOE and what we learned from our failures. Different ways to help wake an organization up to the need for UCD. Ingredients that might predict the success or failure of UCD within an organization. The type of infrastructure (templates, training, governance processes, etc.) you’ll need to put in place once you have organizational support for UCD. The important role external user experience consultants can play in helping an organization embrace UCD. This talk will have something for everyone – from usability enthusiasts who wrestle with how to help their organizations “see the light,” to seasoned user experience veterans who are called on to help organizations transform themselves into user experience champions. Come and share your own experiences in this dynamic talk.

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