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Beyond Wireframes: Empowering long-term project success after the design work ends

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October 17, 2014 2:10 PM

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Whether you are an external consultant or internal UX resource, there will be situations when you can’t be there throughout the full project. And, let’s be honest, the delivered designs and what actually gets implemented and maintained aren’t always the same things. At some point, the UX designers wrap up and hand over, and the project team implements, maintains, expands, and continues the work. Often this is quite an undertaking, as team members deal with their day jobs as well as constantly shifting priorities. It can be challenging for teams to hold the line on needed improvements, advocate for user needs, foster the “big picture” over the long haul, and build on the UX work that was done.

With one presenter coming from a UX background and one coming from the client side, we will discuss practical ways UX experts can help set the project team up for long-term success and maintain the value of the UX investment. UX practitioners will hear specific ideas about how to provide support, empowerment, and the needed resources that will be useful long after they’ve moved on to other things. Project team members will hear what they can do to continue to sustain the quality and tell the stories that advocate for users.

Topics covered will include:

Maintaining strategic perspective to support long-term, larger-scale objectives Planting seeds of understanding and ownership at various levels of the organization Future-proofing against personnel changes and shifting priorities Fostering a shift away from the “that’s the way it’s done” mindframe Practical templates, guidelines, and decision trees to help support expansion and evolution in a consistent way that maintains alignment with the larger intent

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