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Delicious Design: The Intersection of User Experience Design and Visual Design

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October 17, 2014 4:10 PM

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Many of us work in wireframes and lightweight interactive prototypes to capture, illustrate, discuss, and refine the design of the interface we are working on. We also know that visual design is critical for getting to polished, usable, and delightful user experiences. But there are often questions related to managing the intersection between UX design and visual design. Common questions include: What’s the boundary line or blending point between wireframes and graphic design, and what should happen in each? What is the most effective way for the UX designer to convey interaction intention and visual design needs to the visual designer? What level of design fidelity is appropriate inside wireframes? What are the implications for visual design when projects want to “prototype in code”? And what can the UX designer do to make the visual design process effective and efficient?

Led by a UX designer and a visual designer, this session will explore these questions and provide practical ideas and recommendations for ensuring a smooth and effective collaboration between UX and visual design.

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