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Omni-Channel Research: Optimizing User Experiences Across Channels

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October 17, 2014 11:25 AM

Washington Marriott Wardman Park

Washington Marriott Wardman Park

New research has found that companies who provide a seamless and consistent experience across channels – including web, mobile, email, social media and in-store – not only yield higher sales, but also retain more than twice as many customers than companies with ineffective cross-channel strategies. With the heightened pace of technological evolution and consumers’ steadily increasing expectations, companies are in a race to optimize their user experiences and successfully fuse the digital and in-store experience. Welcome to the omni-channel era where customers expect all channels to be connected and at their disposal, wherever and whenever. This presentation will discuss A) the impact of the omni-channel state-of-mind, B) omni-channel research methods, and C) Best practices of omni-channel user experiences.

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